Prayer Intentions

Prayer Intentions

You may submit your prayer request by logging in and adding your prayer request.

Please include those identified below in your prayers. The prayer requests described below have been submitted by brother Sir Knights.

Michael Turso
June 30, 2020
Can we please remember in our prayers SK Louie Theodore, he is in the hospital now suffering with multiple tumors. He has lost use of his right hand and right leg, even after multiple radiation treatments on his brain. Our Brother Louie really needs some strong prayers. Lord look down on our Brother Louie, give strength to him and his wife and family. I ask this through Our Blessed Mother who can send this request to her Son Our Lord Jesus Christ... Amen
Joseph Lampinen
February 13, 2020
Asking prayers for my wife Cheryl, a member of ladies auxiliary, who is seriously ill in Huntley hospital being treated for sepsis and has had a stroke while in the hospital.
Al Morin
January 2, 2020
Our Brother Al Morin has asked if we could all keep his friend and family in our prayers.

This past Friday one of my long time best friends Peter was involved in an explosion. A barrel of Kerosene exploded and some landed on him and engulfed his daughter in flames. He disregarded the fact that he was on flames and started chasing his daughter once he saw her running around engulfed in flames.

Because of the heroic actions of people they were with, they were able to put out the flames after many tries because of the kerosene. His daughter is in pretty bad shape. He has burns on his right hand and face. Most of the people that helped have burnt lungs and hands.

They need prayers. Please pray for Peter, his wife Arlene, their daughter Claire and all the injured!

Thank you Brothers and have a blessed day!!!
Gregory Windbiel
August 20, 2019
For ask who are struggling with decisions. May the Holy Spirit guide you.
Bill Borque
August 6, 2019
Prayers for those Brother Knights that are suffering or have family members that are suffering. Lord hear our prayers.