Fourth Degree Exemplification

On May 21, 2022
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See attached your invitation to advance to the fourth degree and learn the patriotic lessons of the Knights of Columbus on Saturday, May 21st.  This will be LIVE AND IN PERSON at St. Edna Catholic Church 2525 N. Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights.  Please review the attached for further details.  
This is a worthwhile opportunity that you won't forget, it is a chance to advance to full Knighthood and learn the patriotic lessons of the Knights of Columbus.  This also provides opportunities to participate in honor guards and color guards, including parades, Confirmations, Corpus Christi, wakes (arguably our most important duty as Knights of Columbus) and other special events.  There are also opportunities to participate in activities where uniforms ARE NOT required such as placing flags on veterans' graves on Memorial Day, placing wreaths on veterans' graves, etc.  
This is also a great opportunity for existing fourth degree members to support the new candidates as well as refresh their memories in the lessons taught in this degree.
Forms and monies are due before Tuesday, April 26th.
We are in challenging times, but we all need to do our part to continue to move forward.  OUR CHURCH NEEDS US!  OUR CHURCH NEEDS THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS!  OUR CHURCH NEEDS THE FOURTH DEGREE!  We recruit for the Church, the more we recruit, the stronger the Church will be.