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We are the St. Mary Huntley Knights of Columbus in Huntley, IL.

Truly hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful holiday season that you had a chance to spend it with your loved ones and your family. And that 2024, that the new year is filled with hope, good health and peace for everybody.

So, let's talk a little bit about New Year's resolutions. I've never really been a New Year's resolution guy because they really haven't worked for me. I guess my experience has been that they usually last about a couple weeks. And then after that, I'm back to my old habits. And in thinking more about that, I think a lot of it has to do is maybe I was trying to change something. I really didn't want to change. Or perhaps there was no accountability attached to it, or maybe it was a maturity issue. Or, it could have been all three but those are really. I think, the reason looking backward I haven't ever had any success with New Years resolutions. But i do think the new year is a wonderful opportunity for reflection. And, what I've done is, I always look at it as an opportunity to identify changes in my life that i want to make. That will allow me to be the best person that i can be moving forward. So bear with me here.

What I want to talk about today is something that's been bothering me for a very long time. Years of a long time, and I'm going to unload it on everybody and vent and I'm sure I'm not alone. But the one commonality that I think will find with the what I'm going to be talking about is it really does affects everybody. Some people more than others.

Let's talk a little bit about the smartphone, right? We all know what the Apple logo is. It's the apple with the big bite out of it, right? So, if you look at that, apple claims that it represents the human thirst for knowledge, okay. I would say that it's gotten to a point when I look at that, and the effect that it's had on society. That you could argue that it's the fall of man to temptation. That it's original sin, forbidden fruit. And I think all those are pretty accurate about what has become with the smartphone, and let's take a look at the effects that it's had on society.

A couple times I was out over the holidays, having dinner at a restaurant? You go into the restaurant, you sit down, beautiful family of four people husband wife, two, little kids. And everybody's got their face buried in their smartphone. Nobody's talking. So that's one example. The other one is just in the parking lots at the malls. You drive through the parking lots, and people are walking around. And once again, everybody's checking their phone and when you're driving through traffic down Randall Road, it's the same thing.

You know, I think as a society, we've gotten to a point where it's turned into an obsession. You can call it an addiction. It's definitely a habit. Um, and it also causes isolation. Which is never a good thing. So, what I did after thinking about what I wanted to talk tonight about tonight. I got my smartphone. I did a little research. In the conservative average that I came up with, of the time that people spend on their cell phone in a 24-hour period was three hours and 15 minutes. One in five people spend four and a half hours a day on their phone. This one was something that I didn't think would happen, but the average person checks their phone 96 times per day or once every 10 to 12 minutes. I never even thought of that, but people are just reaching for it checking In doing that. So obviously what you can do and I'm sure everybody is aware of this, but you can go on your phone and you can go into your settings and you can look at screen time and it'll actually calculated for you, your daily average and your weekly average. So, my point is this. How much time do we senselessly waste? Scrolling through social media? So, taking that to the next level. I thought to myself, what would happen if we just redistributed our time that we spend and I'll call it screen time on our phone, whether it's on a computer or on your phone. Senselessly scrolling through social media, or whatever else you're doing on your phone and take that time and transfer it to reading the bible.

So that's my challenge for everybody this year. I know some of you are doing Exodus 90 where it also addresses screen time, which is a wonderful thing. But in thinking about this, you can start small or you can go all in. I'm a guy if I'm going to do something. I'm going to go all in and in the first week i started this I reduced my screen time by 47 percent and increase my bible reading time by 47 percent. So, what I did is I went out and I got a little RSV here, it's the New Testaments and the psalms I leave it in my car. I carry it with me. And every time I'm tempted to go reach to my phone when I really don't have to. Maybe I read a Psalm or maybe i just read something in the bible. So just a suggestion for everybody.

Another idea I had is you could team up with a fellow Brother Knight and you guys could meet once a week or get together once a week and see how you're doing and hold each other accountable. And what it's done for me, is It's really helped me, focus. On keeping God at the center of my day in keeping God at the center of my life. You know, don't we all want a better relationship with God and at the end of the day to just grow in our faith and I think this is a very easy way that we can do this. So, I'm going to leave you with this. Remember that a bible that is falling apart is most likely owned by someone who isn't. Thank you.

Bill Borque
Great Lecture!
Todd, thank you for the great lecture. We all need to redefine how we spend our time and consumption of social media is not the answer. Taking more time for prayer and reflection by reading the bible is a far better way to send our time in the new year.

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