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We are the St. Mary Huntley Knights of Columbus in Huntley, IL.


I had planned to present tonight the reflections I had on the Christmas season. But the events of the past two months, culminating in the events of the past week have pushed their way to the forefront, whether we like it or not. 

I fear tonight that we are at the most volatile, divided time in our country since at least the 1960’s…and perhaps, dare I say, since 1860. In a Rasmussen poll released just today (1200 respondents), fully 25% of respondents feel that the country should split into two nations…red states, and blue states. But we don’t even need that poll to know, instinctively, how divided, entrenched, Americans are against each other right now. And I fear things will get worse before they get better. 

For while this nation has weathered many crises, many threats from without, this is more dangerous…because it’s threats from within. And it’s coming from all sides…from the Rs, the Ds…the radical Right, the radical Left. The moderate middle even seems to be picking sides. People’s voices are being silenced. They’re all shouting each other down, cancelling each other out. We’re unfriending each other on social media, saying things on Twitter, or Facebook that we thought we’d NEVER say to each other face-to-face, although we’re starting to see that too. We’re categorizing, compartmentalizing, ostracizing and even dehumanizing those who don’t believe the way we do. We’re ascribing the malicious or bad behaviors of our political leaders or their followers to those we know personally, whom we think follow that same policy, or party…and we’re dehumanizing each other in the process. Nobody is listening to each other any more.

This is not the America I believe we know and love. It seems that we’re allowing the essential elements of what makes the United States so special among the nations of the world throughout history to slip away…and maybe not even realizing it. But we can feel it. There are forces active in our country today that are looking to tear all of us apart. And if I’m right…and I pray that I am not…this will arrive on our front doors, in this very community, perhaps soon.

Let me share something I heard today. “Life this side of heaven yes, can be hard. Freedom, true freedom that comes only from and with obedience to Divine Providence…that is even harder. There’s a reason that we are the longest ongoing experiment in Liberty in the history of humanity. However, our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people and we’ve lost our way as a country on both fronts.”

So what do we do?

We do only what we can. It has to start, for each of us, with ourselves. So tonight, I’m calling on us as brothers to lead the way in our community to heal and reconcile in this time of turmoil. Specifically, I call on my fellow 4th degree Knights to lead in this effort. We need to remind ourselves that the principle of the degree to which we took an obligation isn’t regalia, or a uniform. It’s not standing honor guard. It is PATRIOTISM.

If you research that word, you’ll find many different definitions, both positive and negative. But I suggest we take our current situation as a call to gain, or regain, a deeper understanding of the principles and values of American patriotism, those upon which our founding fathers based our Constitution…that sacred document that our veterans among us took an oath to support and defend. We knights stand at the pivotal intersection of our Catholic Faith and our American Exceptionalism. And I believe we are called to not only acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation of both, but to make it manifest in our community and the larger world through our acts of charity, working together visibly displaying our brotherhood and unity, despite our own political differences.  

Gentlemen, we are knights. Knights are noble and chivalrous. They stand as beacons to those around them; examplars of what is good and true. So in this time of turmoil, I pray and exhort us all to be true knights. Put on the armor of God, band together, and with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence…make manifest our Faith and true Patriotism to our community and our world.

Faithfully Submitted,

David Babicz

Lecturer, KofC Council #11666

January 12, 2021

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