Knight of the Month

Knight of the Month

Tuesday, 21 February 2023 14:20

February 2023 Knight of the Month

KoM GregWindbiel web 400
Greg Windbiel, PGK - January Knight of the Month

Questions for Knight of the Month

1. How long have you been a Knight?

I've been a Knight since November 2016. However, I began my service with the Knights, before becoming a Knight. The very first event I ever volunteered for and helped out with was the Brat Fest. I met a couple of guys who made the decision to become a Knight, a no brainer. Thank you, Matt Adam and Tom Manning.

2. What is your favorite part in being a Knight?

The best part of being a Knight is seeing the faces of the people who are helping. Actually, feeling the thankfulness that these people are feeling also. I also love bringing new men into the Order. Always emphasizing that FAITH is our top value, and that everything else follows.

3. What surprised you the most about being a Knight?

I was actually surprised to meet so many men who wanted to do good for others and wanted to journey together in their faith and friendships. Men who want to make a difference today, tomorrow and in the future.

4. Best advice for a Knight of Columbus, new and seasoned?

New - GET INVOLVED, don't sit on the sidelines!!! so many great guys in this council, but you won't know that unless you get out there and get active in the Council.

Seasoned - NEVER STOP!!! no matter your age or ability level. Every event we do has a place for everyone in the Council. STAY INVOLVED!!!! Don't rest on your past achievements, look into the future and think of new ways to advance the Council and the good that we do for others.

5. Who is your favorite Saint?

Saint Anthony

6. What is your favorite spare time activity?

I enjoy spending quiet days on my deck, with my wife, basking in the sun and thinking about retirement. Which is still a long way off. I also enjoy getting together with friends and sampling some good whiskeys and bourbons.